We are proud members of the National
American Sewing Guild

The DFW Chapter has been an active member of the
National American Sewing Guild (ASG) for over 20 years!
Sewing is a creative and
rewarding activity!  
We are a group of sewing
enthusiasts with all skill
levels--from beginner to
Sew Dallas! Sew Fort Worth! Sew Together! Sew Savvy! Sew Powerful! Sew Fun!
We love to learn and exchange new ideas with each
other. We sew projects for ourselves, friends and family,

DFW Chapter Annual Luncheon

sewing information and provides a
place for all sewing enthusiasts to
share sewing their experiences
and help each other with sewing
Visit the National ASG website to learn about the Membership Benefits we enjoy.
Stop by the
(Not just) Plano Chapter at www.planoasgsews.org too!